Last month I was elected to the Vice President role for the AWCI QLD and given this week is National Women in Construction week I thought it would be particularly poignant time to introduce myself.

I started in the industry at the tender age of 16 although it has been in my family for many decades, having had a father, grandfather, grandmother and an uncle whom all have played a part in this wonderful industry of ours. Initially when I started it was to be a stepping stone to head to university or TAFE to go on to have a career in anything other than construction! Starting off working in fibrous manufacturing, special order work for high end jobs gave me a good insight into how the industry was changing and evolving. I then went into the contracting side of things learning how to estimate and take off residential and commercial jobs that progressively evolved into Project management as these things normally do when working in a small business.

At the age of 21, I met my now husband, James on a night out with a friend whom had recently celebrated finishing university to become a teacher. We started chatting as we had both attended the same high school, it wasn’t until a few weeks later we both realised we were in the same industry. As life goes, we got married and he became a sub-contract setter doing mostly residential work, I continued in my role of estimating/project management.

In 2016, After 11 years at Ornamental Cornice, we made the big decision of forming Platinum Interior Linings…..with a 3 year old, a newborn baby & half renovated house in tow. Talk about biting off more then we can chew! At the time I was very fortunate enough to have been elected to the executive committee for the AWCI QLD. I felt extremely grateful back then and still today to be surrounded by such a wonderful team of people who have so much knowledge of the industry and a passion for change, many of them have been great mentors for myself and inspired me to where our business can go.

This year marks my 16th year in the industry (which happens to be exactly half my life). It has been inspiring to see the positive impact women have made on the industry and continue to make, with multiple contracting companies with a woman at the head, I really can’t wait to see where the next decade or so can take us!