Dear Member

In the coming days and weeks, you will be receiving a renewal invitation for the 2020/21 financial year.

We hope you take the opportunity to renew your membership with the Association.

There are many reasons why a membership to your own industry peak body is important, and recent events have proven as to why it is an essential commitment to your business and its growth.

A common comment we get from prospective and current members are, “what do you do?”, or “what are you doing?”. These questions always point to one thing: lack of communication. If people are asking, then we are not doing our jobs well enough of advising our members and the Industry of what we ARE doing.

In recent months, I am confident that has changed. Suzanne has been very proactive on keeping our members updated with all the latest news and advice. It has never been more important or valued during the COVID-19 than it is now. She has provided a constant stream of updates on government initiatives, both State and Federal on how to access funding and what to do. Our website has never been busier, but that’s what we are here for.

However, that is not all we have been doing. Prior to COVID-19 interruptions, we were invited to participate in the 2020 QBCC Trade Road Show. This roadshow will take place at some point later this year. Our Technical Committee are currently putting together a one and half hour presentation to address expectations and common complaints surrounding the use and installation of plasterboard and fire walls. This will be a state-wide presentation and an excellent opportunity to reset expectations of builders, promote our Industry and Association and of course build closer ties with the QBCC.

We have also been able to represent the industry to the Minister of Construction during his Ministerial Construction Committee meetings which are held regularly alongside numerous other industry stakeholders. During these meetings, the AWCI has been able to table many issues that directly affect tradesmen and businesses in our sector and obtain appropriate direction that will help.

A great lot of work has been done to provide members with a central tool to access all they need to operate, our website.

The website is a great tool and resource, and within that there is one item alone that makes your membership worthwhile and is only available to members. You may have seen it and used it, or you may not yet. If not, then please take 5 minutes and look at it.

Whether you are Commercial or Residential, we have many reoccurring issues, but the most common is painting and finishes. Some time ago the AWCI QLD in conjunction, with Dulux, Master Painters, HIA, QMBA and Plasterboard manufacturers put together a fantastic set of videos addressing common issues .

Please, take 5 minutes, go to our website, ( log into the members portal, and scroll down under the members portal to Plaster and Paint.

Other tools in the website include WHS forms and templates, and additional member offers.

With everything currently going on, dates for events are fluid and subject to change, however, I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible over the next 12 months, either at one of our Golf days, Awards Night, on site, or the National Conference.

As president, I am available at any time to discuss issues or ideas you may have to improve the industry.

Best Regards