Why it is imperative you read your contracts

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Contracts Earlier this week we received a phone call from a member that was concerned that the builder he was contracted too employed a handover company to do the final inspection and defect list. I’ve had dealing with this crowd before and it almost always turns into a debacle when they get involved. Understandably

Tradie Virtual Assistance – Outsource to someone who understands

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As Tradies ourselves, we understand that we can all be time poor but Subeez goal is to help Tradies run better businesses, with their hands on approach the  Subeez team is as invested as the Trade Business Owner themselves. We get that unless you have run a Trade Business and

Importance of Trade Credit Insurance

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The Importance of Trade Credit Insurance in the Construction Industry Insolvency rates in the Australian construction sector have reached alarming heights, with a staggering 17% of all insolvencies occurring in the building industry. This alone highlights the importance for sub-contractors to protect their revenue with Trade Credit Insurance. Most businesses

Building a Safe Workplace

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Thanks to Mayo Hardware for this awesome bit of information on building a safe workplace. With thousands of workplace injuries each year, and over 111 Australian work-related deaths in 2019 to date, instilling safety across workplaces is imperative for any organisation. Whilst the numbers of workplace fatalities have declined from the 190 recorded in

Awards of Excellence 2019 – Winners

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The 17th August saw a sell out event at SkyPoint at the Q1. A perfect evening accompanied gorgeous views of the Gold Coast and Hinterland and those dressed to impress. The Queensland branch was lucky to have in attendance the National President Tony Roberts, who was invited along by John Kelly. Awards were handed

Ecarz Partner Article – $20,000 Tax Depreciation Allowance

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Tax Depreciation Allowance, Tax Free Allowance, Small Business Tax Cut, $20,000 Tax Write off, $20 000 instant asset write-off, $20 000 tax deduction for small businesses... Its known by many names. What is it? How does it work? Do I Qualify? We asked our good friend Ray Taggart - Taxation & Planning Business Guru, and Principal ofTaggart

2018 Awards of Excellence

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2018 Awards of Excellence - Wrap Up The Awards of Excellence were held at the W Hotel on the 11th August with 300 people in attendance. With Awards available in 9 categories there was plenty of competition to take out the top Prize A massive congratulations to the following winners

Technical Buzz: Painting of Plasterboard

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Painting of Plasterboard For anyone who has ever been involved in paint/plaster disputes in the past, you already know irrespective of the nature of the complaint: Paint coverage, mud cracking, gloss banding, discolouration, staining, nap raising, and the list goes on. It’s always been the plaster’s fault” – “Please explain” Painters are no different

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