From working on commercial projects in 1993 in New Zealand to starting The Trades and Builders Business Program nearly 20 years ago, with a goal to make it the most compressive business program for Trades and Builders across Australia and New Zealand, one thing has always stayed the same, Our Mission is for you to be as good at business as you are at you Trade; thereby giving you’re the opportunity to see a bigger business future

We help Trades and Builders:

  • Gain Certainty from Clearer Direction
  • Grow personally and Professionally with the right Structure
  • Reward yourself from having the right financial model and systems
  • Have a System that wins you projects at the right price
  • Breathe from being able to find, hire and build a team that works
  • Trust others from the right systems and process in place
  • Reconnect with you family from the time you have
  • To have a platform to scale and remove key person risk

From people in their 2nd year in business with an apprentice and their partner helping in the office to the business turning over 30 Million a year, if they are a business in the Trades and Building space, we can help them with their journey.

National Credit Insurance Brokers (NCI) is Australia’s leading trade credit insurance broker. Trade credit insurance is a highly specialised area of insurance, it’s there to protect your business from non-payment, caused by insolvency. They can offer a complete range of trade credit solutions to help you safeguard your business against bad debts, with the aim of enhancing your credit management.
Acquire Insurance Group is a general and trade credit insurance brokerage based on the Gold Coast, Queensland with offices in NSW and Victoria. Our brokers look after clients and referral partners Australia Wide.

Acquire operate on a personal and company advice model and have a team of experienced and specialist brokers. We are a member of the Steadfast Group which provides size, strength and scale and allows us to get the best results for our clients. We have a panel of over 150 insurers and underwriting agencies which allows us to obtain the most comprehensive cover at the most competitive premium.


We are a Registered Training Organisation based in Salisbury, Brisbane, that specialises in teaching Apprentices a variety of Construction Skills.  We give our students a better future and a competitive advantage through our superior quality education and training.

Whether you are looking at completing an apprenticeship within the Construction Industry, or simply need to up skill and build of your previous experiences, NICS can help you!

          Coastal Building Approval Services

At Coastal Building Approval Service, our goal is to ensure that your next building project; whether residential, commercial or industrial, complies with the relevant government legislation. With our professional experience and knowledge, we ensure that your project proceeds smoothly throughout the whole construction process.

Michelle Cirson is a construction contracts guru with actual site experience and she knows how to build.

“We provide contract management advice to subcontractors to help them get better outcomes without ruining their relationships with their builders.
We believe in common sense project solutions with no legal jargon.
Our context to industry knowledge sets us apart from lawyers or accountants, who don’t offer practical administrative solutions to commercial disputes.
We’ve got the tools you need to get the job done in a systematic and compliant approach.” Michelle.